Mission Statement

Radiance is a collection of spirited, diverse individuals, committed to honoring community in its multi-faceted manifestations. The passion, inspiration and respect that we give to each other is the foundation on which we build our relationship with you.

It is our intent to encourage and support your exploration of healing and empowerment. To this end, we work to be an inspirational environment where the community can come to meet, learn and gather resources. One of our roles is the ethical and conscientious selection of our products and services, remembering that we are all participants in sustaining planetary life.

We promote recycling, re-use, and buying in bulk. We support fair labor practices. We expect quality in the goods we buy. We offer fair prices and emply sound business principles. This enables us to share Radiance’s prosperity with our local community through donations and educational services.

May we all flourish as we support one another.


Radiance is a locally owned massage studio and retail store in Olympia, WA. We conscientiously select our stock of herbs, personal care products and gifts. We promote recycling, re-use, and buying in bulk when possible and support fair labor practices.